Rakshabandhan Cards

Love is a special thing where the single soul is dwelling in two bodies especially the love between a brother and sister is a speechless one. There is a special day to celebrate their love with some of the gifts what they deserve to have. At first, this special day has been started up in the North Country and after that, so many people are following this as a festival. The help of cards or gifts can express each and every action and the feelings.

The people are following the same way to express their love and in such a way the Rakshabandhan day will be celebrated. It will be quite interesting to the sister by doing this they can enjoy and satisfied them. The design of Rakhi will be made up of Yellow felt and satin ribbon, which has the designer sticker on its top. It can be protected with the help of the fabric glues, which can be spread over it. In Sanskrit, the word of Rakshabandhan means that the tie or knot of protection between the brother and sister’s relationship. It is a knot of protection, which makes a shield to a brother from all the evils, and struggles of their life. There are certain considerations are available for the brother who is celebrated for this day and the main thing is that the spiritual significance using Rutapp

That is, if the sister is tying the sacred thread of Rakhi on her brother’s hand, he has to remember that he has to live along with his sister in his whole life with hearty care and love. Via this process, the brother is promising his sister for their relationship in the world, which never dies.

What is Rakshabandhan?

As we know that the endless relationship in the world and which provides abundant love is one and only a brother and sister’s relationship. In this day, the sister will tie a Rakhi to their lovable brother for showing or expressing their enormous love, which is available between them. It is one of the main festivals, which are used to celebrate the brotherhood and love. The day when it is celebrated is on the full moon day in the month of Sravana. The meaning of Rakshabandhan is explained as, Raksha – Protection and Bandhan also known as Snoota – tie. Usually, the sister has to tie the Rakhi on the wrist of the Right hand of her brother.

Why buy Rakshabandhan cards?

It is the mindset, while the people have as much love; there is a need to express that by gifting or doing some special thing for them. In the same behavior, the sisters trying for their brotherhood by tie the Raking. With respect to their love, relationship and distance, there are the sister prefers so many different kinds of cards. Those are available as, Thank you Rakhi card, Miss you Rakhi card and Personalized Rakhi card etc.

Historical evidence

There is a perfect example is available on the Indian’s mythology and that can be explained as Lord Krishna and Draupadi are the best brother and sister ever. In one day, the Lord Krishna has injured his finger while handling sugarcane and at that time, Draupadi is tearing off the part of sari and protect his finger with extreme love.

On that time, his queens, Rukmani and Sathiyabama were look for the cloth to tie on his finger. It shows the real love between the brother and sister love what the history estimates. After that incidence, the Lord Krishna has promised to the Draupadi for her protection what we know about the Dhuchathanan’s action and its result.

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